Allow me to Reintroduce myself…

I’m born and raised in Prince Georges County, MD, to a Trini dad & Guyanese mom. I love to party and fete and drink.  I like to try new things, except food.

I had made this blog private for a while, because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. I wasn’t creating a lot of original content for nails, and TBQH it, was bothering me. So I made the decision to make it private until I could figure out a use for it.

In the middle of the frenzy of getting ready for Uber Soca Cruise (USC), I got an email notifying me that my blog would automatically renew Nov. 1.  Of course I made a mental note of this, but not an actual calendar reminder of this. I had all intentions of shutting this blog down. Well Nov 1 comes, I am on the USC and I get a receipt for the renewal of this blog LOL. I’m too busy fete’n to care, I just say to myself Imma take care of it when I get back (but I’m lowkey upset about that money that left my acct). I had AH TAHM on USC. When I got back, I posted this pic on my IG Stories.


And SEVERAL people responded that I should blog. I thought that was soooo funny(read: a sign from the universe) given that I was JUST abt to cancel this damn blog! But I also got really scared by that because I had planned to study for my bar exam when I got back. Now I don’t *really* WANT to practice as an attorney. I just feel like it’s the *next step* for me to take. I didn’t *REALLY* WANT to go to law school either, I just did cuz people thought I was smart and I should be a lawyer.  And I don’t want to study for this bar exam ATALLLLLLL. But I’m also scared of what people think. Cuz I did say I would study for this bar exam, and I don’t want it to seem like I’m running away from it. But deep down I don’t feel like that is my path. I also had a blog talking about nails, how can I just switch to talking about fetes now? But fete’n is something I ACTUALLY do, and I do it well (ask about me). And hopping around from thing to thing is how you learn where you place in this life is.

I did always say to myself that when I got back from USC that I would ‘get my life together’(whatever that means) and be a proper adult. Whatever. I like to fete. I like drinking and partying and not worrying about people fighting, or one of my friend passing out cuz they don’t know their limits. I like shaking my ass on guys and most don’t bother you after it’s done.  It’s my culture.

Next up MY USC review.