Light Elegance Diamond Glitter

Hi everyone!

I got a few pot of Light Elegance Gels a couple of days ago. Im pretty happy I did because I was invited to a grand opening of Pampered Look Nail Salon in Temple Hills MD. Do I have a booth to work out of on weekends?!?! I dont know. More to come on that.

I LOVE. Light Elegance Gels. I’ve tried Young Nails Synergy Gel, and a couple others, and I really like Light Elegance. My particular favorite is the Extreme Gel. Its a thick, self leveling gel and I particularly like to use this gels when Im building the gel enhancement (building=making the gel thick and strong, and most important, adding in a curve that mimics the curvature of the natural nail) because its self leveling and stays in place so you can do a five finger cure. I found that some of synergy gels ran too much, but in their defense, they tell you to perform a four finger cure, then cure the thumbs.

I would love to try Brisa and Brisa Lite Gel only because I love CND as a company and working as their general counsel would be my DREAM JOB.

But this review is about the Light Elegance gel polish sample I received with my purchase of gels. First of all, I wouldn’t say I LOVE glitter (what girl doesn’t at least LIKE glitter) but this glitter was amazing. It has a beautiful diamond shine to it. It has uniform square silver glitter flakes and some silver holographic glitter in there. I put it on all my nails and I was very impressed. I dont like glitter on all nails, but I think this was pretty enough to wear on all nails, and not be TOO bold. If thats possible. Swatches below. Let me know what you think 🙂SAM_0080

SAM_0093 SAM_0096 SAM_0081 SAM_0078 SAM_0079 SAM_0071 SAM_0074

2 thoughts on “Light Elegance Diamond Glitter

    • LawOfPolish says:

      Hi Auja! I’ve use Young Nails trial pack of Synergy Gel and I’ve used different items from the Light Elegance line. I like Light Elegance gels better. I found the Synergy just a bit too runny for my preference. Light Elegance gels are self leveling, but they don’t self level too quickly. So if you are fast with gels, then you might like the Young Nails. But I am not so the Light Elegance works much better for me. I hope this helps!


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