Zoya’s Willow with a Junk Nail

Quickie Post today. I’m just returning from vacation and Im sick today ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I wanted to share my nails from my trip. They aren’t that neat as I was rushing to get everything done at the last minute before I left. But here it is. It’s the Light Elegance Diamond Glitter polish on my thumb, middle, and pinky fingers. Then I have Zoya’s Willow on my index and ring fingers. I did a ‘junk’ accent nail on my middle finger using some different shaped rhinestones, and multi colored flat backed pearls (cabochons).


Picked Willow because I was going to warm climate, so I wanted something that would embody warmth, but still be soft in case when I got back, I didn’t feel likeย wouldn’t have the time to change the polish color. ย And she did her job perfectly. ย The coral color reminds me of a warm spring day, but still maintains her spring coolness. ย It has a tinge of frost in it and I think that is why I love it for late spring/early summer. Even though Im still wearing it in the dead of winter.

What do you think?

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