Lexi Asked…

Hello there! I am pro nail designer but a beginner at false nails of any sort. I am wanting to design sets of nails and sell them for some sort of profit. I thought it would be pretty easy and I bought 500 false acrylic nails. I haven’t started anything yet (been kind of busy) but I noticed that the nails I bought have this ridge of sorts where you’d put it on the nail bed. But it is like, C shaped, but not in a way that would fit the nail properly. I have no idea if you’d be able to answer this question, but would you know if the reason they look like that is because they need to be filed down a certain way? So they fit the unique shape of nails? Also, (I should have done more research before I bought the nails in the first place, but I paid maybe $5 for the entire thing) what do you recommend the most for painting false nails and selling? Thank you! xo

My Response:

So without a picture of these nails, I’m thinking your bought tips.  Tips are used to extend the natural nail when performing an enhancement (gel or acrylic) service. Tip are meant to only fit on the tip of the nail bed, which is why they are called tips, and have a ‘ridge’.  It is designed to hold the nail glue, prevent it from running down the tip, and guide how far you place the tip on the natural nail.
I would get a ‘foundation nail’ false nails that are meant to be placed on the entire nail bed.  I used nail ‘spines’ but you can always remove the nails from the spine and shape them in any way you’d like.
Any designer is creative. You learn to work with what you have. Just because Lexi bought tips doesn’t mean she cant use them 🙂

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