Creative Nail Design (CND) obtains patent for “Removable Multilayer Nail coating System”

United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued a patent to CND for “Removable Multilayer Nail Coating System and Method” on Sept 24.  Prior, CND introduced VINYLUX, a two part weekly polish system that guarantees a chip free wear for up to 7 days and is easily removable. The color polish includes the base coat. I know a lot of nail techs swear by the CND base coat ‘Stickey’.  This system eliminates the need for that.  The top coat in this system is a patented technology. It allows for the brilliance and durability of a hard, UV-cured top coat, but it is removed by nail polish remover or acetone quickly. 


The patent goes on to explain the two types of nail coverings: artificial nails and nail polishes. Nail polishes are easily scratched, and tend to peel away from the natural nail in one to five days.  They are also easily removed with a solvent such as nail polish remover or acetone. Artificial nails, on the other hand, require a chemical reaction (either mixing the liquid mononer and power polymer to create an acrylic nail or exposing the oligomer gel to a UV light and curing) to create a long lasting, highly durable nail coating that is difficult to remove.  Artificial nails possess increased adhesion to the natural nail plate and are scratch resistant.  But these characteristics make them incredibly difficult to remove – most require the artificial nail to be soaked in acetone or other solvent for up to 90 minutes or filing down the artificial nail. Further artificial nails require the nail plate to be etched or ‘roughed up’ which is a required step for the best adhesion. 


CND looks to bridge the gap between durability and longevity when it comes to a nail polish for natural nails.  They want the polish to have great adhesion to the natural nail and therefore last for at least a week, but still allow wearers to remove the polish with ease. Their product Shellac can last for two weeks, but it requires soaking to remove.


According to the patent, in a chemical test the top coat can be cured with a UV light, and in chemical tests it remained intact after being rubbed with a cotton saturated with acetone over 150 times.  For comparison, a regular top coat was completely removed It did dull however.  In pencil hardness tests, it was torn by a 3H and 6H pencil. A regular top coat was dented and torn by 3H and 4H pencils. 


Another thing about the VINYLUX system is some polish colors match the Shellac colors.  So in theory; you could get a shellac manicure, purchase the matching VINYLUX shade and your manicure could last for well over a month if you polished the part of nail that grows out.  Currently the VINYLUX weekly polish comes in 62 shades. 


When I was in Nail Tech School, my professor was a CND lady. She LOVED CND. I didn’t always love CND; but I must say after using a few of their products, I love them as a company.  They are one of the most well rounded nail companies out there.  They test their products over and over, they have their own scientists, their own nail techs, they are at every fashion event and even create new looks for the runway shows. The product works, they are innovative, and they can cater to any woman’s style. Overall, the company just looks like a fun place to work. 



I am currently in the process of purchasing a few bottles to review for you guys, but my finals are coming up so that may very well come in December…


If you have used the VINYLUX weekly polish system, what do you think about it?


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