Polish Wishlist: @ZoyaNailPolish Naturel: Deux (2)

I am in love with Zoya’s Naturel: Deux collection.  I am in love with Zoya Polishes anyway. They are always of a creamy consistency, and it’s always like putting butter on your nails.  The coverage of all the polishes are very good; one to two coats needed and they are long lasting. Zoya’s polishes are big 5 free (free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and camphor) and they call themselves the ‘healthy color of fashion’.
Finally, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE their Remove +, which I use to also clean and prep the nail plate when doing any enhancements. Its doesn’t dry out the nail plate like other removers.

But I haven’t even talked about the Naturel: Deux collection. I am trying not to buy this polish collection because I have LOTS of polish, BUT I may break down and get it.
The colors are AMAZING for fall neutral colors! I think they would look awesome on ALL skin tones and I can see this color on the entire cast of Scandal because that is how haute and versatile I think this collection is.



Spencer: described as ‘a full-coverage, rich camel cream’


Chanelle: described as ‘a full-coverage, toasted almond cream’



Emilia: described as ‘a full-coverage, dark chocolate cream’



Marnie: described as ‘a full-coverage, deep warm plum cream’




Aubrey: described as ‘a full-coverage, medium mauve cream’



Madeline: described as ‘a full-coverage, muted rose cream’



So. Its not really a review, more so of a ‘lusting’. I wasn’t paid to write this and I don’t even have any of the polishes. LOL But I do love Zoya, and if (when) I actually break down and buy this collection, I’ll be doing a review! I know just the people I want to try these colors on too!


Go to their website to buy it: http://www.zoya.com/content/category/Zoya-Naturel-2-Collection.html



If you could only buy ONE polish from this collection, which would it be??



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