Bad & Boujee

I love glitter and rhinestones. I also love some ratchet music. But above all else, I love my beautiful baby girl, Aria Parker. 
She is *so* much fun. She brings me so much joy and I absolutely love being her mom. She loves to dance. Sooooooo I decided to make my beautiful daughter a shirt that says….

…since she loves the song by Migos. I know I am a little corny, but I fully aspire to be *that* mom. The super extra mother. Yes, I don’t care.

As I said, I love glitter and rhinestones. I am trying my best to scale back on glitter. So it is subtle.  You can’t really see the glitter in this picture, above, but its there.

I decided on the design for this shirt when I was shopping for my daughter at the Children’s Place.  I realized they were just putting ANY OLE phrase on these children’s shirts! I really think they troll black twitter for some of those phrases, but this is a post about my crafts, not my opinions. After looking at them, I decided “Hey, I can probably do that myself” (as I think I can do most things myself), and I went to see what HTV I had to make this possible.

Materials Used:

  • Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl(HTV)
  • Animal Print HTV
  • Hotfix Rhinestones 10ss
  • Silhouette Portait
  • Silhouette Rhinestone Transfer Kit
  • Silhouette Studio Designer Plus (necessary for creating rhinestone templates)
  • Iron
  • Ironing Board



Designing and Cutting the HTV & Rhinestones

I opened Silhouette Studio, and I typed the words “Bad & Boujee”. I knew I wanted the ‘Bad’ to be a thick, bold font, and the ‘Boujee’ to be more feminine. I added color in Silhouette to see how the Animal Print would look against the pink glitter HTV.  I created an offset around the ‘Bad’ and subtracted the letters from the outline. I did this because the animal print HTV WILL NOT LAYER over the glitter HTV. I don’t think anything will layer over glitter HTV.

To create the rhinestone outline, I created an offset around the ‘boujee’, and turned that line into rhinestones, using the rhinestone window.

Here is what the finished design looks like in Silhouette Studio:

Screenshot 2017-01-26 19.31.52.png

You usually have to reverse HTV before you cut it. So before I cut this design, I reversed the entire design. And because I did, I messed up my rhinestone template material. So ONLY HTV needs to be reversed before you cut it.

Screenshot 2017-01-26 19.38.35.png

Do not reverse your rhinestone design before you cut it. Trust me.

Go head and send your design to your Silhouette, and cut.  Then weed. Cut your rhinestone template material last. It is ALOT of work to add rhinestones to a design, but it is well worth it.


Pressing the Shirt

First, press the HTV on a clean, pre-washed shirt.  I like to rub my fabric with some alcohol prior to pressing the HTV per the instructions that came with the HTV.  I got these HTV sheets from  You have to apply ALOT of pressure to get this HTV to adhere, and I don’t know if its just this specific brand, my iron, or whatever else.  It took me SEVERAL passes of my iron to get it to stick, but it was all worth it in the end.

After you press your HTV, press the rhinestone outline. And you are done!


Bonus Pic of Aria wearing her shirt (with light up Hello Kitty shoes):


Does she look like a million bucks???


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