Groomsmen Gift Boxes

Superhero Inspired

As it is National Craft Month, and I am a crafter at heart, I wanted to share a few of my personal crafts with you all this month.

My brother is getting married and he asked me to make some gift boxes for his groomsmen. He has a superhero theme for his groomsmen, so after much collaboration, we came up with this. Together, because my brother likes to get credit for things. It’s his middle child Syndrome.

Materials Used:


Step One: Open design in Silhouette Studio®

Download Design ID#24622 by Lori Whitlock from the design store. This was designed to fit on a 12 in. x 12 in. mat. I have a Portrait, which has a smaller cutting area. 



Step Two: Separate Design Pieces


You will have to ungroup this design and then regroup the top and bottom pieces, because the individual score lines also ungroup. I wonder if there is a trick to this that I haven’t learned yet, or if it is just the design. Anyway, you ungroup by right clicking on your design > ungroup from the dropdown menu.

DO NOT TRY TO MOVE ANYTHING YET (trust me). Select the top piece of the box with the window. You need to regroup the top so it can move as an entire top piece, and not the tiny score line you grabbed to move thinking the entire design would move along with it.

To Regroup your design:

Drag a selection box around the entire top part of the design > Group.


Step Three: Cut your design

This is the reason we bought a Silhouette. To cut things. Drag your top piece of the design on the mat, check your cut setting, and click

Pro Tip: An easy way to know which part of your design is going to cut, enter your cut settings panel. Every part of the design that is going to cut is going to show up in BOLD. Most times red, but if you change the line color, then it will be the bold color that you select.

Cut the bottom, place aside. Cut the window frame of the box in a different color.


 Step Four: Assemble

I strongly suggest you glue the window frame to the top of the box before you assemble it. It makes things much easier this way, trust me. Then assemble the top of the box by gently folding the scored parts and gluing the tabs. Repeat the same process for the bottom piece of the box.

Assemble the box, and you have your lovely gift box!

The possibilities are endless with this gift box. You can choose to cover the window opening with a sheet of cellophone. Or use design a picture for the window frame of the box.

I hope you enjoyed the gift boxes! Do you craft anything? Do you have a blog or IG for your crafts? Let me know by leaving a comment below, and I’ll follow your blog!

Groomsmen Gift Boxes

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