WishList Wednesday

I was inspired by NailMatticBeautyย to do a #wishlistwednesday post.

My #WishlistWednesday includes (this is not a finished list, I want LOTS of things LOL):

  1. Tammy Taylor’sย Prizmatic Powder Coat System (no dip, dip system). Because I miss doing nails and I think this would be the safest way for me to do it at home.ย tammy-taylor-prizmatic-ad-620-20161021
  2. Silhouette Cameo 3. Because I hate having to cut my 12 x 12 papers for my Silhouette Portrait ๐Ÿ˜ฆcameoshop_full
  3. A Spiritual Reading with Sonia Choquette. Because she is amazing and quite uplifting.
  4. A Bernina 880. Because I have a Brother SE400 that needs to be replaced.

    products_machines_880_headerAnd that’s it!! Do you have a #wishlistwednesday? I would love to see it!! Please share by commenting below.


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