My First Sticker Set!

UPDATED: PDF file is now on dropbox, so the file should download much faster. Thanks for the feedback!
I am so pleased to share my very first sticker set! I designed this using Adobe Illustrator, Silhouette Designer Plus Studio, and seeing as how I am a Creative Market Partner, I also used a few Creative Market design elements.

I made this unicorn inspired sticker set for the Classic Happy Planner. I used the Watercolor Clipart Unicorn by Corner Croft, and the Unicorn – Set 2 by Gluiki.  I even got the font from there. It’s called Rachelle by Unicode.   So please go check out Creative Market and all they have to offer.

These Mambi Classic Planner Stickers are available in PDF form with Silhouette registration marks, and in Silhouette Studio with print and cut capabilities.

Silhouette File: THP Unicorn Sticker Set Sil

PDF File: THP Unicorn Sticker Set PDF

Feel free to share this sticker set by sharing  the link to this blog post. If you like the stickers, please send me pictures of how you used them! If there is something else you’d like to see, let me know, I am open to all comments and suggestions.


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