My Favorite Silhouette Projects      

Hi all! In the spirit of National Craft month, I am sharing  few of my favorite Silhouette projects.  I hope you like them, and if you have a Silhouette, I’ll be happy to check out your projects when you comment below.

  1. My New Moon Journal

It should go without saying that I love to create things. Specifically, I love creating new things from old things. I also like journaling, and I like learning about astrology. In the astrology community, the New Moon is a time to set new intentions for your life. You write them down in journal that you use specifically for new moon intention setting. And every new moon, you write new intentions. I couldn’t use just ANY journal, store bought or whatever. I knew I had to create a new journal JUST for this. I used my Silhouette Portrait and the Sketch Pens to sketch and cut this from patterned card stock. I glued it on with Mod Podge and I added a couple Swarovski rhinestones to make it all my own.

  1. Wedding Card

I loved making this card. It was the second card I ever made with my Silhouette Portrait, and card making was the specific reason that lead me to buy a Silhouette Portrait. I also got to use glitter cardstock, and any time that I get to use glitter makes me a very happy lady. I bought Design ID #66036 from the Silhouette Design Store and I cut the design from cardstock. The cardstock is the actual color and texture of the grooms tux and bowtie!

  1. Carousel Card

This card is so cute and so girly! It has glitter AND rhinestones and those are two of my absolute favorite things in life. I just loved the creativity used in designing this card. But the original design is absolutely adorable. I would like to make enough cards so I have a tiny stockpile on hand because my daughter is always getting invited to party and she is only 18 months! This is a design I cannot wait to reproduce when I get an opportunity.

  1. 1st Birthday Invitations

I made these invitations with my Silhouette Portrait for my daughters 1st Birthday Party. I use the sketch pens to do some of the lettering. I used Sakura Gelly Roll pens for the ‘chalkboard’ or ‘milky’ look, and I used the Pen Holder in Medium to hold the Sakura Pens. I was able to cut and ‘print’ the lettering without having to remove my mat by designing this job in layers. It was time consuming, but completely worth it. I made the beach ball stickers with the same colored cardstock I used to ‘print’ the invitation on. I cannot wait to do a project like this again. I even cut envelopes for the invitations and I stuck the beach ball on each.

  1. Chalkboard Stat Board

Another project I did for my daughter’s first birthday party. Here I used a black poster board. I designed the lettering in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Plus, sized it there as well, and I cut on different colors of vinyl. This is when I realized the value of transfer tape. I only had Silhouette Rhinestone transfer tape and I wasn’t sure if it was going to hold up. Luckily for me, it did and everyone really liked the stat board. After the vinyl was applied, I went over the entire chalkboard with chalk, then dusted it off for the chalkboard look.

My Favorite Silhouette Projects

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