ManiMonday: Acrylic Dip Systems

Dip Acrylic System

Dip Acrylic systems have been around for some time, but they have recently made resurgence in the past year. Read this Nails Mag article for more information.

What is the difference between a dip acrylic system and a traditional liquid and powder system?

Biggest difference is in the application. There is virtually no brush to apply the acrylic. Also, the application gives a much smoother, thinner, more natural looking nail enhancement, as well as a faster application time. And the biggest difference to me is there is less fumes because liquid monomer is not used to ‘set’ and ‘adhere’ the powder acrylic.

When I was younger, I loved doing my nails. But my own nails are very brittle and they broken often, so I wanted acrylic enhancements (commonly called acrylics, or fake nails). I didn’t like the fumes, and I didn’t always like the way the techs laid the acrylic so thick.  I decided to go to nail school because I just knew I could do a better job. Long story short, I do not do nails for a living, but I still love and admire other techs work. LOL

Recently, I decided to get back into the industry in some shape or form. When I saw the Tammy Taylor Prismatic Powder Coat System (she calls it the No Dip-Dip system, see it on my WishList Wednesday), it made me want to do nails again! Tammy Taylor is known in the industry for easy to use products, as well as dazzling colors and longevity. Her system is one I am dying to get my hands on and try. Plus her motto is ‘Nails are always fun and never feel like work’, how can you NOT love a company like that? Check out her YouTube demonstration of her system below.


I was browsing Nails Mag online, and I saw that Kiara Sky also released a dip system. I really like the Kiara Sky polishes, so I wouldn’t mind trying out their dip system.

Its available here.

I would advise anyone reading this to go to a licensed professional if you would like to try any of these systems, because they designed for professional salon use. But I also started out as a non-professional and I wanted nice looking nails that I could do myself. So I understand. I would at least strongly urge you to follow all steps and buy complete systems from the manufactures themselves, or their trusted retailers. That way, you know you are getting a legitimate and fresh product. As a licensed professional, I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have, or at least point you in the right direction. So leave me any & all questions in my comments.

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