Review: Sakura Gelly Roll .6mm ball & Pentel Slicci .25mm Pens

Let me start off this post by explaining that I am a brand snob. Let me also explain to you all that I studied Intellectual Property Law because that is how much brands and trademarks have an effect on my life.  I am quite particular, and if I like something from a particular brand, I will go back and try other products from that brand.  That is how branding is SUPPOSED to work.  The opposite is also true, if I DONT like something from a particular brand, chances are I will not buy that brand again.

So I bought pens from a brand that I LOVE and a brand I do not particularly love.  I am starting this bullet journaling thing, and I know that I prefer to write with a finer point pen or pencil. This is something I’ve known since I was in middle school. All my mechanical pencils had to be .05mm lead, otherwise my handwriting got messier.  Well, I think its a universal thing, because a couple bloggers who participate in bullet journalling recommended these Pentel Slicci Pens.  They are super fine at .25mm, and I don’t think I’ve seen pens come that fine with a variety of colors.  Actually, yes I have, but these Pentel pens fit in my budget.  NOW. I do not particularly like the Pentel brand. To me, they do not strike me as a company who cares to product a TOP quality product.  To ME, they produce products that are very middle of the road, and offer them at a competitive price point.  And thats fine, but like I said, I am particular and I have a fine taste. LOL. So I was slightly hesitant to buy anything made by Pentel, but I took a chance anyway.  I am very glad I did.

Pentel Slicci .25mm Pens

I like the Pentel Slicci pens.  Like I said before, they are VERY fine.  Right out the pack, they do not skip.  A lot of pens skip (skip~when the ink doesn’t flow, so you get a period of writing with out any ink and you have to go back to fill in the blank) right out the pack.  Not these.  The .25mm point is truly amazing.  I never thought I would find a pen that thin ever.  And the colors are decent.  I think I am spoiled by my Sakura Gelly Roll pens which come in EVERY COLOR.  These pens came in Purple, Black, Red, Orange, Baby Blue, Green, Blue, and Pink. And they really write like a  dream.  I feel like my penmanship will be quite neat while using these pens. I bought these pens to use in my form of bullet journalling. And they will be my go to bullet journalling pens as well as my every day pens, as opposed to for crafting purposes. That is how much I like them.


Sakura Gelly Roll

img_0402img_0398So I guess I don’t have to tell you that I love Sakura as a brand.  They put a lot of care and effort into crafting things they love. Gelly Roll pens come in a couple formulations, and I have tried all except the Glaze.  I am a huge fan & And Brand Loyalist.  

These specific pens are the classic color. I was looking for something for my bullet journalling.  These pens might be used every now and again for that purpose , but I think I will use these classic colors more for crafting purposes.  Which means I now need to add the Amy Chomas Pen Holder to my wishlist of things. And especially so, since someone has asked me to make a New Moon Intention Journal for them. You can check it out on my Favorite Silhouette Projects post.


As you can see, the classic colors, with the exception of white, will not show up well on dark paper.  But Gelly Roll does have the Moonlight collection that is formulated for dark paper.  So don’t let that deter you from the Gelly Rolls.  If you haven’t tried the Gelly Roll line, I strongly suggest it.


All items in this post was bought with my own $, so my reviews and my opinions are my own.  As always, feel free to email me or leave a comment. 



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