All about Adhesives 

Otherwise know as glue. To celebrate National Craft Month, I am going to highlight my favorite glues and my favorite applications for them.

  1. Mod Podge
  2. E6000
  3. Elmers CraftBond Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive
  4. Glue Dots

I love when I can get two things done at once. And that’s why Mod Podge is my all time favorite adhesive because it’s not only an adhesive, it can be used to seal or finish items as well. Mod Podge comes in many different formulas and I they have this wonderful blog that can walk you through its different uses.  It’s easy to use and mostly error proof. It also has low-to-no odor, so you can use it in a space with little-to-no ventilation. Use this glue if you are doing mixed media applications. Mod Podge is best if applied in a thin layer and if you need more, add more.


I used Mod Podge here to keep the burplap letters from fraying. It dried clear.


Moving on to E6000. I use this glue when I am adhering heavy duty items. Things I don’t want to move ever, like crystals or gems. I would never use E6000 on paper, its too heavy for my tastes. It takes 48 hours to fully dry and set, and it has a heavy odor. But the glue dries mostly clear and it HOLDS like none other. I would use this in an area that is VERY ventilated, and depending on what you are adhering, I would use gloves. You don’t want this to dry on your skin.



Specked Earrings made using E6000



Swarovski Gemstone Earrings made using E6000


Next is the Elmer’s CraftBond Multi-Purpose Adhesive Spray. Okay. I don’t know what made me buy spray glue, but I am SO HAPPY I DID. It is becoming my favorite adhesive.  You can use this for any application, and the best thing about it is, you can use it if you only need a tacky surface. I use this spray when my Silhouette Mats start to lose their stick.  I’ve been mostly successful, but I did have a time where I didn’t let the glue ‘dry’ long enough so the paper actually stuck to my mat.  It wasn’t difficult to clean up.  So the key to success here is to let the spray glue dry to tacky.  Then its only a temporary adhesive. And if you happen to get this glue in an area you don’t want it in, you can use Goo be Gone to clean up that surface. I bought this glue at A.C. Moore, but its available at Michaels.  It is a DIY-er and crafters must have.

Finally we have Glue Dots. And you can use these in card making, but I used them in this shadow box I made to commemorate my daughter’s birth. You can use these in card making and scrapbooking.  They are very versatile and I use them in a moments notice.  So these are some of my favorite adhesives.


Shadow Box of Aria 🙂

Just an FYI. I hate hot glue. Don’t ask me about it. Its not my ministry, but I know a lot of crafters love it.  I hope you liked this post though! Thanks for reading!


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