I like to read tarot as a form of Divination. It helps to ground me and affirm my own intuition. I’ve decided to pull a card once a week and let you all know the meaning.

This card is from the Green Witch Tarot deck.

Eight of Chalices – Indicates leaving familiar territory for a new place or group. Notice the man on the beach with his staff walking and contemplating. He knows he has to move and change, but what is right isn’t always easy. This move, whether a moving of home, or a new work setting, will require a new level of socialization. This move can also mean a ‘leveling up’, or ‘bossing up’, as I’d like to call it. You are moving to a new level in life. EMBRACE THIS CHANGE! You’ve been through ALOT, and you deserve new scenery!

This is likely to be an emotional time for some of you, because you may be leaving an abusive situation (abuse isn’t always physical; it can also be emotional and mental). But you can take solace in this time period of positive change. You have (finally!) recognized that you are worth SO much more. Your life is worth SO much more, you DESERVE SO MUCH MORE! You’ve learned your lesson, and its time to move on. Grapes grow on the beach and they are a signal of growth and mental power.  The bird shown is a Cormorant, a symbol of transformation.

Chalices, signify water, your emotions (fitting, as we move in to the zodiac sign of cancer, an emotional sign), relationships, and the time period of autumn.

The stones pictures are Red Jaspers and a Smoky Quartz.


I hope this resonates with you!


Tarot Tuesday: Eight of Chalices

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