Ace of Chalices from the Green Witch Tarot Deck

Three Pentacles from the African American Tarot Deck

It is very fitting that the Ace of Chalices comes to us today, under the sun sign of Cancer. Any time an Ace is pulled, it’s quite auspicious (think about spades, any time you get an ace, the hand is decent). This specific Ace indicates love, joy, happiness and abundance. Even if you aren’t familiar with tarot, you know this by looking at the cup. It ‘runneth over’ with emotional satisfaction, and its a metaphor for your life. The light of the sun emphasizes the positive energy that being transmitted to you from your angels, guides, and the universe. Honeysuckle and Salmon are depicted for abundance. This card can indicate pregnancy and fertility, so take that as you may. Be confident and act with boldness now, because the result of those actions will be satisfactory.  The chalice represent the element of water, and our bodies are over 90% water. The water represents our emotions and unconscious mind, and therefore our psychic abilities may be enhanced during this time period. Even if you don’t feel as though you possess those abilities, you do have a keen sense of intuition that you should pay attention to during this time.  Feel free to ask Spirit/God/The Universe/Your Guides to double check your intuition. This is how you learn to trust it without second guessing.  Finally, as this is a card of the element of water, it relates to the moon because the moon controls the tides (water) on this earth.  The warning is not to let your emotions turn in to drama.  This will be VERY DIFFICULT TODAY, June 27 2017 because the moon is in Leo, a very playful, dramatic and emotional moon.  So if you feel yourself getting upset or carried away by your emotions, take a break and take a step back.


Three of Pentacles is grounding energy and thankfully so. We will need that with the emotional, yet auspicious ace that was first pulled.  This card depicts the highly skilled hunter, Age and Benjamin Banneker. Both highly skilled, but both self taught.  This card indicates the mastery of an advanced skill or art, craft or specialization.   This card requires us to BUCKLE DOWN AND FOCUS, but the Ace tells us that whatsoever we do choose to embark upon, we shall be successful.  The hunter here hunts the most elusive thing of all – Truth. Truth seekers are normally and often turned from their path.  It is easy to give up when seeking the Truth.  This card suggests that you can master this skill as well as any other skill of your choice, and possibly become a famous figure in the process. Certainly interesting!

The crystals that have assisted me in this reading are (from top to bottom): Citrine for abundance, Clear Quartz for guidance, and Amethyst for grounding.

I hope this resonates with you!


Tarot Tuesday 

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