I was doing my sisters nails last night. And I gave her this cute dark teal and holo pink accent nail mani. I love how it turned out, but she likes to ‘help’ by turned on my light, moving with the light, etc. & her nails didn’t cure properly. So. I have to re-do, but I promise to post pics later.

Anyway. I was planning a clients NYE mani and shopping for glitter at one of my favorite glitter spots, Art Institute Glitter. I love them because you can sort the glitters into cosmetic grade and solvent proof. They also offer 20% off to nail techs, and I also love a discount. I came across this beautiful glitter named ‘Paris Lights’ and it inspired me to do a cute set for myself.

I’m going to get this dress from Nasty Gal. And use the glitter as an accent nail and polish the rest with the Kiara Sky color called Fanta-Sea. This will be a Birthday #lewk!!!

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