The Glamorous Gleam’s venture into press-ons!

Press-ons are gaining strength in the nail industry. They aren’t the press ons of yester-year, they have lasting power and come in fun shapes and sizes.  In fact, we used Patricia Yankee’s Inspire Almond full  coverage pre glued nails to create stunning looks for NYFW.  Here am I am, caught in the act backstage:


And check out this set of press ons done by The Glamorous Gleam:

YES THESE ARE PRESS-ONS, and YES, she said they last!!!

Read more, below, about these press-on nails by Nails Gaga, as told by The Glamorous Gleam.

The Glamorous GleamThe Glamorous Gleam – Black Beauty, Natural Hair, Fashion & Lifestyle After not wearing fake nails for 15 years, I decided to get a little fancy for NYFW and try me some Press On Stiletto Nails. Now I’m feeling myself like Bey lol. The post DIY Press On Stiletto Nails appeared first on…

via DIY Press On Stiletto Nails — The Glamorous Gleam

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