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Allow me to Re-Introduce myself…

I’m born and raised in Prince Georges County, MD, to a Trini dad & Guyanese mom. I love to party and fete and drink.  I like to try new things, except food. I had made this blog private for a while, because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. I wasn’t creating a lot of original content for nails, and TBQH … Read More Allow me to Re-Introduce myself…

Disposable nippers??

GAME CHANGER!!! Read below from Nails Mag. Give your salon a competitive edge in its pledge to be extremely sanitary with disposable nippers, a no-hassle alternative to sterilizing tools with an autoclave. Offer clients the option to purchase a Susol Nail Single Use Nail Care Set, which can be taken home after the service for personal use — or set service prices… via Provide Risk-Free … Read More Disposable nippers??


Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon In Aquarius

Lunar Eclipses are a time for a ‘resetting’ of yourself. The moon represents your emotions, and when it eclipses, its resets and clears away any emotional baggage of the last six months. Each eclipse cycle occurs in opposite signs of the zodiac, and last for a couple of years. This is the third eclipse event in the Leo-Aquarius cycle. There are 5 more eclipses … Read More Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon In Aquarius

Tarot Tuesday is up on my Snapchat! Family bliss, abundance, dedication and a caution not to overwork yourself are the themes for today.


Originally posted on INNER THOUGHTS:
SINCERITY IN OUR ACTIONS Sincerity of purpose is one of the best positive qualities of an individual. Sincere dealings may be in our homes, in our workplace, in our day to day dealings with our peer groups, with formal and informal interactions, etc. If we are sincere in our actions then we need not care about the results of…

Gel Removal Bible by Nails Mag

Gel-polish manicures have gone mainstream, with options for over-the-counter products easily accessible to any client brave enough to tackle the task. Between the informal training of most nail techs and the fallout of DIY gel options, public nail plates are experiencing abuse in record numbers.The solution lies with educated professionals. We need more techs who… via Something to Talk About: Gel-Polish Removal — NAILS Magazine


Review: Sakura Gelly Roll .6mm ball & Pentel Slicci .25mm Pens

Review of Pentel Slicci & Sakura Gelly Roll Classic Pens

Mani Monday: Girly

This week’s mani Monday comes from one of my fave polish bloggers, Polish-Obsession. I love her looks.  Check out the post below. Hi fellow nail polish lovers!!I have a girly look to share with you today!Artificial LightArtificial LightFor this mani, I used Tux Polish’s Blueberry smoothie, a bright purple creme packed with shimmer, and paired it with Butter London’s Molly-Coddled, a lavender creme. Both … Read More Mani Monday: Girly

Mani Mondays: Hello Holo!!!

Today’s Mani Monday Post comes from Emily at Casual Contrast. Check out her review of KBShimmers Holo polish below.   Provided for review Oh, KBShimmer. The love of my nail polish life! My favorite indie brand has paired up with Hella Holo Customs to bring you four of the most complex, holographic polishes they’ve ever created – absolutely gorgeous! You can purchase these beauties … Read More Mani Mondays: Hello Holo!!!

Mani Mondays: Monday Blues

I have a cure for the Monday Blues: this cute blue and pink mani by Polish Obsessions. And she used a stamper plate on her accent nail. Please visit and let her know how much you love this mani!     Hi everyone!!It’s Monday once again, so I have a blue mani to share with you.For this simple mani, I used a lovely teal … Read More Mani Mondays: Monday Blues

Oldie but Goodie: #HePicksMyPolish Challenge

The Sparkle Queen | #HePicksMyPolish Challenge.

Rose Gold (Heaux)

LOVING this rose gold look by Cheryl. You MURDERED this look. Thanks for sharing your process.   ❤️ It took me at least 6 months to get this to work. And after purchasing different product, I realized why. lol Initially I purchased some little bottle of cheap $2 chrome powder from Amazon. And the first time I used it, I wasn’t entirely unsuccessful. But … Read More Rose Gold (Heaux)

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