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Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon In Aquarius

Lunar Eclipses are a time for a ‘resetting’ of yourself. The moon represents your emotions, and when it eclipses, its resets and clears away any emotional baggage of the last six months. Each eclipse cycle occurs in opposite signs of the zodiac, and last for a couple of years. This is the third eclipse event in the Leo-Aquarius cycle. There are 5 more eclipses … Read More Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon In Aquarius


Women & Self-Care

  “Women are natural caregivers, but who cares for the caregiver?” – T. Staples.   Women are certainly the nurturers of this planet.  But who takes care of women? Men? Other women? Ourselves? Why is it so hard for Women to take care of themselves?   Just a few questions I’ve been thinking about recently.   I’ve dedicated time each day to doing something … Read More Women & Self-Care


Sun In Leo & New Moon in Leo

Sun in Leo If you’ve been following my Snapchat, you know I’ve been giving some R. Byrd-Wong talks about the moon’s position in relation to the zodiac. If you haven’t been following my snapchat, my name is vanitad, feel free to add me:   In astrology, the sun represents your Ego, and how others view you. The Sun is in Leo as of July … Read More Sun In Leo & New Moon in Leo


Tarot Tuesday 

Ace of Chalices from the Green Witch Tarot Deck Three Pentacles from the African American Tarot Deck It is very fitting that the Ace of Chalices comes to us today, under this sun sign of Cancer. Any time an Ace is pulled, it’s quite auspicious (think about spades). This specific Ace indicates love, joy, happiness […]


Tarot Tuesday: Eight of Chalices

I like to read tarot as a form of Divination. It helps to ground me and affirm my own intuition. I’ve decided to pull a card once a week and let you all know the meaning. This card is from the Green Witch Tarot deck. Eight of Chalices – Indicates leaving familiar territory for a new place or group. Notice the man on the beach … Read More Tarot Tuesday: Eight of Chalices

Wellness Wednesday: Surrender

From one of my very good friends, Crystal, words about surrender. Please read her post below. March 7, 2017 Over the last few weeks I have spoken with numerous people regarding the historically taboo “s” word that carry much weight and is forever life altering. Yet the stigma surrounding it has garnered it to be ushered mainly in churches or hushed whispers. The implication … Read More Wellness Wednesday: Surrender


Wellness Wednesday: Jungle Mandala

My first Adult Coloring Book Page, a Jungle Themed Mandala

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