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Wednesday Wisdom


This came to me as I was composing a post and halfway between sleep and wake. Which, I am told, is the meditative state. I, however, was fighting sleep.   I hope this helps to inspire someone. 

Just because you chose to do something different, doesnt mean you wont get somewhere ahead of schedule. There is always more that one way of how to do something. -Tiffany Vanita

You are more than enough. Enjoy!

Wellness Wednesday: Jungle Mandala

I was so stressed out and I didn’t even realize I was stressed.  It took me two trips to the hospital to realize something really needed to change. So I took a trip, I cut back on my drinking, got off *most* social media, and most of all, began to practice mindfulness. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it. I see a significant change in myself in the short three weeks since I started my self care.

One way I currently practice mindfulness is through meditation, but also through making time for myself to create and design.  Another way is through coloring in Adult Coloring books.

So on this Wellness Wednesday, I want to share with you all my 1st Jungle Mandala, a Jungle Themed Mandala Coloring page I designed! I hope you like it.  You can download it Here.

Take time to practice self care and self love today. You are wonderful!