Allow me to Re-Introduce myself…

I’m born and raised in Prince Georges County, MD, to a Trini dad & Guyanese mom. I love to party and fete and drink.  I like to try new things, except food.

I had made this blog private for a while, because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. I wasn’t creating a lot of original content for nails, and TBQH it, was bothering me. So I made the decision to make it private until I could figure out a use for it.

In the middle of the frenzy of getting ready for Uber Soca Cruise (USC), I got an email notifying me that my blog would automatically renew Nov. 1.  Of course I made a mental note of this, but not an actual calendar reminder of this. I had all intentions of shutting this blog down. Well Nov 1 comes, I am on the USC and I get a receipt for the renewal of this blog LOL. I’m too busy fete’n to care, I just say to myself Imma take care of it when I get back (but Im lowkey upset about that money that left my acct). I had AH TAHM on USC. When I got back, I posted this pic on my IG Stories.


And SEVERAL people responded that I should blog. I thought that was soooo funny(read: a sign from the universe) given that I was JUST abt to cancel this damn blog! But I also got really scared by that because I had planned to study for my bar exam when I got back. Now I don’t *really* WANT to practice as an attorney. I just feel like it’s the *next step* for me to take. I didn’t *REALLY* WANT to go to law school either, I just did cuz people thought I was smart and I should be a lawyer.  And I don’t want to study for this bar exam ATALLLLLLL. But I’m also scared of what people think. Cuz I did say I would study for this bar exam, and I don’t want it to seem like Im running away from it. But deep down I don’t feel like that is my path. I also had a blog talking about nails, how can I just switch to talking about fetes now? But fete’n is something I ACTUALLY do, and I do it well (ask about me). And hopping around from thing to thing is how you learn where you place in this life is.

I did always say to myself that when I got back from USC that I would ‘get my life together’(whatever that means) and be a proper adult. Whatever. I like to fete. I like drinking and partying and not worrying about people fighting, or one of my friend passing out cuz they don’t know their limits. I like shaking my ass on guys and most don’t bother you after it’s done.  It’s my culture.

Next up MY USC review.



I was doing my sisters nails last night. And I gave her this cute dark teal and holo pink accent nail mani. I love how it turned out, but she likes to ‘help’ by turned on my light, moving with the light, etc. & her nails didn’t cure properly. So. I have to re-do, but I promise to post pics later.

Anyway. I was planning a clients NYE mani and shopping for glitter at one of my favorite glitter spots, Art Institute Glitter. I love them because you can sort the glitters into cosmetic grade and solvent proof. They also offer 20% off to nail techs, and I also love a discount. I came across this beautiful glitter named ‘Paris Lights’ and it inspired me to do a cute set for myself.

I’m going to get this dress from Nasty Gal. And use the glitter as an accent nail and polish the rest with the Kiara Sky color called Fanta-Sea. This will be a Birthday #lewk!!!


All about Adhesives 

Otherwise know as glue. To celebrate National Craft Month, I am going to highlight my favorite glues and my favorite applications for them.

  1. Mod Podge
  2. E6000
  3. Elmers CraftBond Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive
  4. Glue Dots

I love when I can get two things done at once. And that’s why Mod Podge is my all time favorite adhesive because it’s not only an adhesive, it can be used to seal or finish items as well. Mod Podge comes in many different formulas and I they have this wonderful blog that can walk you through its different uses.  It’s easy to use and mostly error proof. It also has low-to-no odor, so you can use it in a space with little-to-no ventilation. Use this glue if you are doing mixed media applications. Mod Podge is best if applied in a thin layer and if you need more, add more.




Moving on to E6000. I use this glue when I am adhering heavy duty items. Things I don’t want to move ever, like crystals or gems. I would never use E6000 on paper, its too heavy for my tastes. It takes 48 hours to fully dry and set, and it has a heavy odor. But the glue dries mostly clear and it HOLDS like none other. I would use this in an area that is VERY ventilated, and depending on what you are adhering, I would use gloves. You don’t want this to dry on your skin.







Next is the Elmer’s CraftBond Multi-Purpose Adhesive Spray. Okay. I don’t know what made me buy spray glue, but I am SO HAPPY I DID. It is becoming my favorite adhesive.  You can use this for any application, and the best thing about it is, you can use it if you only need a tacky surface. I use this spray when my Silhouette Mats start to lose their stick.  I’ve been mostly successful, but I did have a time where I didn’t let the glue ‘dry’ long enough so the paper actually stuck to my mat.  It wasn’t difficult to clean up.  So the key to success here is to let the spray glue dry to tacky.  Then its only a temporary adhesive. And if you happen to get this glue in an area you don’t want it in, you can use Goo be Gone to clean up that surface. I bought this glue at A.C. Moore, but its available at Michaels.  It is a DIY-er and crafters must have.

Finally we have Glue Dots. And you can use these in card making, but I used them in this shadow box I made to commemorate my daughter’s birth. You can use these in card making and scrapbooking.  They are very versatile and I use them in a moments notice.  So these are some of my favorite adhesives.


Just an FYI. I hate hot glue. Don’t ask me about it. Its not my ministry, but I know a lot of crafters love it.  I hope you liked this post though! Thanks for reading!


The Glamorous Gleam’s venture into press-ons!

Press-ons are gaining strength in the nail industry. They aren’t the press ons of yester-year, they have lasting power and come in fun shapes and sizes.  In fact, we used Patricia Yankee’s Inspire Almond full  coverage pre glued nails to create stunning looks for NYFW.  Here am I am, caught in the act backstage:


And check out this set of press ons done by The Glamorous Gleam:

YES THESE ARE PRESS-ONS, and YES, she said they last!!!

Read more, below, about these press-on nails by Nails Gaga, as told by The Glamorous Gleam.

The Glamorous GleamThe Glamorous Gleam – Black Beauty, Natural Hair, Fashion & Lifestyle After not wearing fake nails for 15 years, I decided to get a little fancy for NYFW and try me some Press On Stiletto Nails. Now I’m feeling myself like Bey lol. The post DIY Press On Stiletto Nails appeared first on…

via DIY Press On Stiletto Nails — The Glamorous Gleam

Disposable nippers??

GAME CHANGER!!! Read below from Nails Mag.

Give your salon a competitive edge in its pledge to be extremely sanitary with disposable nippers, a no-hassle alternative to sterilizing tools with an autoclave. Offer clients the option to purchase a Susol Nail Single Use Nail Care Set, which can be taken home after the service for personal use — or set service prices…

via Provide Risk-Free Sanitation With Disposable Nippers — NAILS Magazine


I’ll look in to get a couple and trying them out!

NYFW S/S 2018: Young Nails for Fenty Puma

Source: NYFW S/S 2018: Young Nails for Fenty Puma



Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon In Aquarius

Lunar Eclipses are a time for a ‘resetting’ of yourself. The moon represents your emotions, and when it eclipses, its resets and clears away any emotional baggage of the last six months. Each eclipse cycle occurs in opposite signs of the zodiac, and last for a couple of years. This is the third eclipse event in the Leo-Aquarius cycle. There are 5 more eclipses in this sign cycle, with the last event occurring Jan. 19, 2019.

Leo/Aquarius Eclipse Cycle

  • Aug. 18, 2016 – Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius
  • Feb. 11, 2017 – Lunar Eclipse in Leo
  • Aug. 7, 2017 – Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius
  • Aug. 21, 2017 – Solar Eclipse in Leo
  • Jan. 31, 2018 – Lunar Eclipse in Leo
  • Feb. 15, 2018 – Solar Eclipse in Aquarius
  • July 27, 2018 – Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius
  • Jan. 21, 2019 – Lunar Eclipse in Leo


Leo and Aquarius sit opposite of each other in the Zodiac. Leo is all about getting praised for the good job they do. They THRIVE off of that, like when a cat purrs when you pet them. Leo will continue to do well, and that praise means a lot to them. Aquarius, on the other hand, likes to pretend they don’t care about the praise, but they actually do. They secretly love it when others to notice the good job they do, but they like to pretend like they don’t care about it, or need it to be successful. But actually they do. They are just not as comfortable on stage BY THEMSELVES. When Aquarius shines, they love for others to shine as well.


The Full Moon Eclipse occurs Aug. 7, 2017. With the Sun in Leo, and the lunar eclipse occurring in Aquarius, this will force natives of these sun signs to the forefront and confront the limelight. This is harder for Aquarius because the sun is not naturally at home in this sign. Leo is perfectly fine in the limelight, because Leo is all about ‘me’. Aquarius is all about ‘we’, and therefore, the sun finds in difficult to shine in this sign. But this Lunar Eclipse will force those with Aquarius in their chart to focus on the ‘me’ instead of the ‘we’. This eclipse occurs in the zone of Image, & Appearance, personal goals, love & relationships, significant others, and contracts for Leo & Aquarius. Just remember, Aquarius, you really are as amazing as you think you are. Take a cue from Leo and talk positively about yourself more. As a result, other will talk about you in that same manner. Leo, take a cue from Aquarius, and highlight your community.


All signs will have to look at their close personal relationships, but for Aquarius and Leo especially, your romantic relationships will also be under scrutiny. People in these signs may see their romantic relationships taking another step to a next level. This is how the full moon eclipse will affect each sign:


Aries & Libra – Friends, groups & societies; your children and offspring (possibly pets); creativity; love affairs; what you’ll create or give life to.

Taurus & Scorpio – Job & career or vocation; the direction you are headed in life; home & family; your origins, place of birth, or where you came from.

Gemini & Sagittarius – Education & higher learning; siblings & neighbours; the way in which you communicate; travel & adventure, and the bigger picture in life and what brings significant meaning to your life and life purpose.

Cancer & Scorpio – Money(!), what bring value into your life; joint finances; SEX and everything you may share with others, the unconscious mind.

Leo & Aquarius – Image and appearance; personal goals; love & relationships, or significant others (ooo la la!); contracts (as in marriage?!)

Virgo & Pisces – Retreat, quite & solitude; spirituality and your idea of it; health & work & service; your sacrifices for the sake of others.


I hope this resonated with you. Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you think!


Women & Self-Care


Tarot Tuesday is up on my Snapchat! Family bliss, abundance, dedication and a caution not to overwork yourself are the themes for today.


Sun In Leo & New Moon in Leo

Sun in Leo

If you’ve been following my Snapchat, you know I’ve been giving some R. Byrd-Wong talks about the moon’s position in relation to the zodiac. If you haven’t been following my snapchat, my name is vanitad, feel free to add me:


In astrology, the sun represents your Ego, and how others view you. The Sun is in Leo as of July 22. Leo is the lion, and they love being the center of attention. So, during this Leo season, I strongly suggest to everyone that you make yourself the center of attention. Brag about you wins and your accomplishments and give yourself the praise you deserve! The one thing Leo is not afraid to do is to let everyone know just how great they are. When you speak about yourself in a positive light, it works to attract more positive. So for the remaining days in Leo, show to the world how you’d like to be viewed. Show the universe those positive things about yourself, and watch it be reflected tenfold.


Moon in Leo

If, in astrology, the sun is the Ego, then the moon represents your emotions and mood. The moon spends about 2.5 days in each sign. The Moon is in Leo until July 25 at 6:32am. This leads to dramatic emotions, and a loyal demeanor. You may feel the enhanced need to feel cherished, respected or even regal under this moon. If you don’t get the love required from your circle of loved ones, you will become visibly irritated. However, overall, you will have a pretty cheerful and jovial mood, as Leo is very light hearted.  If you choose to pursuit creative endeavors, you will be feel very jubilant in those pursuits!


Please feel free to leave me any questions you may have, and I hope you enjoyed this!

Tarot Tuesday 

Ace of Chalices from the Green Witch Tarot Deck Three Pentacles from the African American Tarot Deck It is very fitting that the Ace of Chalices comes to us today, under this sun sign of Cancer. Any time an Ace is pulled, it’s quite auspicious (think about spades). This specific Ace indicates love, joy, happiness […]


Wellness Wednesday thoughts courtesy of Harbans. Please check out their blog!



Sincerity of purpose is one of the best positive qualities of an individual. Sincere dealings may be in our homes, in our workplace, in our day to day dealings with our peer groups, with formal and informal interactions, etc. If we are sincere in our actions then we need not care about the results of our actions. Sincere actions are self-rewarding and can be attested at all situations.

A sincere person always thinks the welfare of others over his own. The prime-movers for this fellow are uprightness and honesty attached. Temptations have no place in his / her scheme of things. In fact that person is flawless in his behaviour and is self-realized one. Similarly, that person gives more credence to others’ needs and aspirations rather than his / her own needs.

A person whose work ethics is cemented with sincerity as one of the main…

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Tarot Tuesday: Eight of Chalices

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