About Myself

Welcome! I’m Tiffany, 30 something, residing in the Washington DC Metropolitan, also known as the D[M]V area.
I’m a regular 9-5’er, and new mommy.

Before I was accepted to law school, I completed a cosmetology program
at Dudley’s Beauty School and became a Licensed Manicurist in
Washington DC.  Cosmetology school was (and remains) the only school I
was excited to go to every single day.

Since, I was a child, I was obsessed with nail polish. I would mix
them in the bottles, layer them on my own nails, everything I could
think of. I messed up the rug in my childhood bedroom with so much
polish it was ridiculous.  So my love of all things nail-related has
been with me since an early age.

The idea of this blog came to me because after my first year of law
school I wanted to shoot myself figure out a way to bridge my nail
technician background with my law degree. Law school made me realize
that I’m a creative being, and I’m happiest when I am able to
do just that. So in an effort to blend both sides of my brain,
www.lawofpolish.com was born.

Now its more than JUST nail polish. I enjoy sharing my crafts here, and other things that make me, me.  Feel free to keep in contact because I like to know who my readers are.  I mean that! Please contact me!

Thank you for visiting!

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